Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A Bit About Us

Hi there, my name is Lisa I am a photographer originally from Matlock and this page has been set up in memory of my great grandad Harry Gill. Harry was born in .... and over time became the main local photographer in Matlock and surrounding villages between 1930's 1960's.

Working for the Matlock Mercury, Derbyshire Times and other local papers, he managed to collect thousands of historical memories that have been sat in my grandmas garage for years. She thought it was time we shared these memories with the people who could potentially tell us a bit more about each image and hopefully bring the past community together with the present.

How you can help... Each image is slowly being catalogued and safely stored with the council but there is a lot of information missing. If you think you know the people in the photos please do comment and let us know. If you think you may know someone who could identify them please tag them. If you can all share each photo, the word will spread and the more information we will gain.

I will also be sharing a photo of the week, so keep your eyes peeled. This will be of historical importance and interest to anyone who loves local history and wants to learn more about the past.


Please do not copy these photos, they are low resolution and copyrighted. High resolution images for printing are available to buy please contact me here or at

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